Germany FriendShip Dock Reopens at EPCOT (But There’s a Catch)

    For the first time in years, the Germany FriendShip dock is operating at EPCOT. The dock has been closed since at least the COVID-19 closures back in Spring 2020. Now, the dock is open and accepting guests…with a catch.

    Like the Rule of Two and the Doctrine of the Dyad before it, the opening of the Germany FriendShip dock comes at the peril of another. Like Darth Bane said, “Two there should be. No more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it”. And so it is written with EPCOT FriendShip operations.

    We’re told that the reason the Germany FriendShip dock is open is because the Morocco dock is in need of refurbishment. Therefore, the Morocco dock has been closed, and the Germany dock reopened. The other dock in operation (“one to embody power”) is the World Showcase Plaza dock near the Canada Pavilion.

    Here’s a look at the reopened Germany dock, and a look at the current status of the other docks as well.

    Germany Dock (Open) | FriendShips

    Mexico Dock (Closed) | FriendShips

    Canada Dock (Open) | FriendShips

    Closed Mexico dock in the foreground

    Morocco Dock (Closed) | FriendShips

    And here’s a look at a FriendShip navigating past some countries it typically didn’t drive past during post-COVID operations. We have been lucky enough to be on a FriendShip that has taken a very scenic route around World Showcase since COVID-19, but those are rare and at the pilot’s discretion. That said, it is a wonderful experience, sort of like a condensed world river cruise.

    The currently open route between the Canada Pavilion and the Germany Pavilion typically takes a pathway along the “back” of World Showcase Lagoon, past the United Kingdom Pavilion, the Morocco Pavilion, the Japan Pavilion, The American Adventure, and the Italy Pavilion before arriving in Germany.

    We’re not sure how long the Germany dock will remain open, but it is reportedly in need of a refurbishment as well, just not as badly as the Morocco dock.

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