Twitter user LoganTMiller uploaded some pictures taken from on the ground at the Pandora construction site recently. Let’s take a look!

First up is a look at the floating mountains from a walkway that takes you directly underneath.

Standing under the floating mountains of Pandora

Next up is a look at the reed boat ride vehicles for the Na’vi River Journey. Each one will hold up to eight people.

A look at the reed boats for the Na’vi River Journey
A look at the reed boats for the Na’vi River Journey

What appears to be a bioluminescent walkway. Imagineers have previously said that the land will come alive at night and include walkways that will respond to those walking on them.

What appears to be a bioluminescent walkway

A safety and operational sign. This is most likely located in the Flight of Passage queue. Guests will be able to link up to their avatar and fly around Pandora in a Soarin’-like simulator.

Safety and operational sign in Pandora – The World of Avatar

“Pongu Pongu”, which means, “Party Party,” will be a bar within Pandora.

Pongu Pongu bar
Pongu Pongu bar

It’s exciting to get a glimpse of Pandora – The World of Avatar ahead of its official opening date of May 27th!

Guests will have an opportunity to check out the land before May 27th via soft opening previews, currently scheduled to start in early May.


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