Taste Track, the quick bites booth near the exit to Test Track, recently debuted three new “Specialty Treats” ice cream sundaes.

Berry Explosion Sundae – $6.50

Vanilla ice cream layered with berries and pound cake, topped with whipped cream, strawberry pearls, and cotton candy.

An explosion indeed! This one is for the strawberry fan out there. I normally gravitate to chocolate when it comes to dessert treats, but I opted for this and was glad I did. I found chunks of strawberries throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the pound cake at the bottom of the cup. The cotton candy was a generous portion and made the whole sundae instantly photogenic. The pound cake proved to be nice and soft, despite the fact that it was surrounded by ice cream. Probably worth noting that the strawberry pearls were crunchy and a fruity take on the pearls you’d find on top of the “grey stuff” over at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. Overall, a solid choice.

Apple Pie Sundae – $6.50

Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce topped with whipped cream, caramel popcorn, salted caramel pearls, and warm apple pie.

A largely vanilla flavor was accented nicely with caramel for the majority of the sundae. The only marks I can take away from this sundae is that the bottom third was all ice cream and devoid of caramel flavor. The warm apple pie was split into two pieces for easier consumption. The apple pie and caramel popcorn taste was what you’d expect from each, with no crazy deviations from a standard flavor/taste.

Chocolaty Churro Sundae – $6.50

Vanilla ice cream and hot fudge topped with whipped cream, chocolate curls, and a churro.

We weren’t able to try this on our first visit due to the stand running out of churros. That said, it looked like a solid option when the guests in front of us walked away with the last one. Here’s a promotional photo.

Taste Track is ready for summer heat and has a sundae on offer for just about any taste. At $6.50 for each, I was happy with the portion and flavors.