As you make your way down World Drive and towards the Magic Kingdom toll plaza you may have noticed a lot of construction going on. Disney is in the process of creating a flyover of the toll plaza to the Magic Kingdom area resorts.

We were at Epcot earlier, battling some of the afternoon thunderstorms, and decided to take a ride on the monorail to check out the latest progress.

As you approach the Magic Kingdom parking toll plaza, construction is seen on both sides of World Drive.

Closer to the toll plaza you can see the beginnings of the flyover on the left side of the road. This will be the southbound section of the flyover, when completed.

We’ve overlaid where the new southbound section of roadway will be in green, and the flyover in blue.

Passing by the toll plaza, we can see concrete columns have been driven into the ground.

Towards the north side of the project, a lot of earth has been moved into place for the ramp that will lead up to (and down from) the flyover.

We’ve got more on the project, including permits, here.