Disney files plans to overhaul Magic Kingdom parking entrance

    Resident permit spotter, danlb_2000, recently spotted some plans filed with the state by Disney to overhaul the Magic Kingdom parking lot entrance. Here’s the main plan of interest.

    world drive extension_exhibit_4_27_2016-page-001

    A closer look at the area in question.

    world drive extension_exhibit_4_27_2016-page-001-2

    It appears that Disney wants to build a flyover of sorts to allow for bus and resort traffic to bypass the toll booths and just continue onto northbound World Drive that would take you to the Magic Kingdom resort areas. It also shows a southbound connection. This southbound connection would greatly relieve traffic congestion on Seven Seas Drive, especially around shift changes.

    Another diagram shows what appears to be a new entrance to the Magic Kingdom parking lot itself. We can see below that one of the proposed roadways actually leads to the back of the old speedway. (Edit: It appears that it won’t be a new entrance, but rather a new exit. The exit seems to be part of a larger widening project for Floridian Way as work continues on a possible North Entrance/Reams Road widening project. This still remains to be confirmed.)

    new entrance parking lot-page-001

    The area that this leads to is currently undeveloped. Disney has not commented on any plans, but this early in the planning process, we wouldn’t expect them to. No word on when this work would be started or completed.

    We will add details to this post as they become available.

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