PHOTOS: Cancelled Main Street Theater Construction Site Gone

As we told you back in early February, the Main Street Theater project announced at the 2017 D23 Expo was cancelled. We’re back today with a look at the former construction site for the theater.

According to permits filed with the state just before it was cancelled, the Main Street Theater was set to be placed in a backstage parking lot adjacent to the Main Street Bypass.

Here’s a look at the construction site back in early February, just after it was cancelled.

Here’s a closer look at the fenced off area that was being utilized by PCL, the construction company on the project.

We went back to Magic Kingdom today to get an update on the cancelled project and found that PCL has taken down their fencing and that the area is now occupied by non-work vehicles.

At this point, the plot of land is back to its original state and this is as close to a confirmation that we can get that the project is indeed dead.


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