REVIEW: Rum Cake Smuggled Into Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom

Avast! A new dessert has been smuggled into Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom. Captain Jack Sparrow will be happy to note that not all of the rum is gone, and a new treat can now be found that’s made with the Captain’s favorite choice of spiced drink.

Rum Cake – $3.99

Recently smuggled into Tortuga Tavern, this new rum cake features a surprisingly moist cake with a rum sauce. Having tried authentic rum cake from the Caribbean, this cake represents the flavors and textures well. It’s not a perfect implementation, but the cake will be moist and the rum sauce has a bit of spice to it. The real deciding factor here is the rum sauce. It’s got some sugar and rum, but the flavor that will stick with you most is a bit of cinnamon.

The cakes are premade and set under a heater that probably wasn’t even turned on, given that our cake was room temperature as it was passed through the window. The fact that it’s served at room temperature didn’t detract at all from the flavor or textures. The photo below may make it look a bit dry, but every bite was as moist as you would expect from a rum cake. It’s not soaked in rum (or in this case, rum sauce) like some of the best that we’ve had in the Caribbean, but for $3.99 it’s a nice little snack when visiting Adventureland.

If you find yourself at Tortuga Tavern for a meal, we can give the rum cake our recommendation.

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