TRON Roller Coaster Show Building Construction to Start Soon

According to a permit filed with the state, we could be seeing construction on the TRON show building soon. The permit names The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company as the contractors in charge of the project. Whiting-Turner has played a crucial role in Disney’s construction projects of late, working on the foundation for attractions in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the upcoming Star Wars Hotel, and early work on the TRON roller coaster site.

The work named in the permit is “building completion package”, which gives Whiting-Turner ownership over the building expected to house the majority of the new roller coaster. One of the more interesting parts of the permit is the lack of an end date. As is protocol with Notice of Commencements filed in Orange County Florida, the lack of an end date means that the project is permitted through one year from the filing date. That means that the “building completion package” is scheduled to be completed before August 8, 2019.

So what does a “building completion package” mean? It likely means that the show building that will house the TRON roller coaster will be complete by August 2019. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we’ll be riding through The Grid next fall. There are still permits related to the project with expiration dates well into 2021. The show building is just one part of the project. There is still the guest walkways, roller coaster installation, and the gorgeous canopy that don’t seem to be covered by this permit.

If the permit does mean that the show building will be completed, it’s possible that it will be little more than a shell, devoid of a roller coaster, kind of like the Guardians of the Galaxy show building at Epcot.

The news of this permit comes at a time when the TRON project has received as much press as any time since it was announced at the 2017 D23 Expo over a year ago. Both the Walt Disney World Railroad and Tomorrowland Speedway will see temporary closures to support construction of the TRON roller coaster coming to Magic Kingdom.

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