SHOP: Disney Wisdom Mushu February Collection

We continue with our look at the “Disney Wisdom” series this month with Mushu and the phrase “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all”. Let’s take a look at the merchandise available this morning.

Disney Wisdom Mug – Mushu – $18.95

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Disney Wisdom T-Shirt for Men – Mulan – $26.95

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Disney Wisdom Pin Set – Mushu – $16.95

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Disney Wisdom Wall Decor – Mushu – $24.95

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Disney Wisdom Plush – Mushu – $26.95

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Disney Wisdom Journal – Mulan – $16.95

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Can’t wait to see what’s coming next month? We have a preview of a Baloo plush featuring the phrase “Forget about your worries and your strife”.


  1. Was there a restock for Dumbo? I missed Mushu somehow, even though I searched the website and app over an hour at 3 AM EST, and when I searched again at 5:30 AM, he was sold out. No idea if I was just having issues on my iPad, or if he completely eluded me, but now I’m slightly heart broken! Crossing my fingers for a restock that I happen to be around to get!


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