Hidden Mickey of the Week: Main Street Railroad Station

Welcome to the very first Hidden Mickey of the week! I will be posting here weekly, showcasing some of my favorite Hidden Mickeys. 
First, what is a Hidden Mickey? Back in the early days of Epcot, characters were not allowed in the park as it was decided that it would have a more “adult” feel. Imagineers didn’t take too kindly to that and started hiding the iconic head and two ears of Mickey Mouse around the park. After the decision of no characters in the parks was reversed, Imagineers continued to use Hidden Mickeys as a way to sign their work. There are now hundreds of Hidden Mickeys to be found by you, the guest!
So, what better place to start this weekly segment than at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom? After you enter the park through one of the two archways under the Main Street Railroad Station, walk towards Town Center where the American Flag is. You might have to position yourself just right to see this Hidden Mickey, but it is formed by the decorative work in the ceiling of the Railroad Station.
Before you run to your favorite attraction, take some time to explore the ground level of the Railroad Station. I personally love the photo of Walt and Mickey on the front of a train. Once you’ve found that, make sure to check out the descriptions of the different trains running in the Magic Kingdom. It’s cool to see that Walt Disney’s love of trains carried over to the decoration of the iconic station.
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