This past Saturday was the first day guests could watch an extended preview of Pixar’s upcoming film Inside Out at the Magic Eye Theater in Epcot. We happened to be in Epcot that day and actually left the pre-show of Ellen’s Energy Adventure when we heard that we could get more Inside Out in our lives!



The preview was labeled as an Annual Passholder event, but anyone is able to attend. Annual Passholders did get a little gift as was done during the Tomorrowland preview. Unfortunately, it seems like the gifts of a button, character cards, and a magnet was only on day one. Here’s a look at the setup.

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As we waited, the characters from inside out helped us count down the time until we were let into the theater. In addition, the filmmakers also talked about their inspiration for the film. One of the first things we noticed was that they were wearing Captain EO pins! As many people know, the Magic Eye Theater was the home of Captain EO until the Tomorrowland preview took over the space in mid-April. Cast members and managers handing out the AP preview gifts said that Captain EO will return after the Inside Out preview concluded, but didn’t have an exact date.

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Now for our review of the preview itself. Without giving too much away, we thought that Disney and Pixar have a real winner with this movie! The content of the preview itself was largely parts of the movie that have already been released via various trailers, but it looked to be a continuous clip. Those of you who attended the Tomorrowland preview will be happy to know that the Inside Out preview utilizes 4D effects much better than the former preview. With a runtime of less than 15 minutes, we highly suggest fitting this preview into your day at Epcot… especially if you’re already interested in the movie.

In addition to the preview, the Inside Out emotion garden has remained from the Flower and Garden Festival. The garden is filled with plants that match the different emotions that are depicted in Inside Out.

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