During a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom we found ourselves in New Fantasyland around 11am with rumbling bellies. For most that might mean an early lunch, but for us that meant a visit to Gaston’s Tavern for a very late breakfast.


Located in New Fantasyland, between Be Our Guest and Under The Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, Gaston’s Tavern is a tribute to all things Gaston, manliness, and hearty meals.


We had a Warm Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Croissant for breakfast. Each were less than $5. The cinnamon roll was standard, but good. I think that the selling point of the roll isn’t necessarily a unique flavor, but rather its size. Large enough to feed two people, I found myself ready to take a nap in Gaston’s chair once I was done. I’ve included my orange juice for scale.


That said, the icing was pleasantly creamy. It was by no means hardened like you might find at a continental breakfast. While I might have wanted more icing after a first glimpse, I found that there was actually plenty left by the time I had finished.


The chocolate croissant we had was delicious. Much better than a similar item that you’d find on the menu for breakfast at Be Our Guest or even Starbucks on Main Street USA. The chocolate was warm and rich, and the croissant was forgivingly soft, yet flaky.


Gaston’s Tavern is split into two rooms. The decor is decidedly manly. Trophy heads are mounted around the tavern and even play an integral part of some of the fixtures. Here is the darts room.


The other room contains a fireplace below Gaston’s photo, a chair fit for Gaston, and even a chandelier made of antlers.


If you look close enough, you might even find a nod to some current Disney executives.


If you’re looking for a pumpkin spice latte or other exotic coffee, head to Starbucks. However, if you’re looking for a wonderfully themed location to enjoy a filling breakfast, Gaston’s Tavern is a wonderful choice.



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