The fourth and final Cinderella Castle turret has been unveiled at the Magic Kingdom. This actually the second of two show control booths that are on either side of the castle. The turret/show building in question is on the left side of these panoramas.

MagicKingdom_10012015-13Full size:
MagicKingdom_10012015-14Full size:

There is still plenty of work to be done, but at least the scrim is down.

MagicKingdom_10012015-2 MagicKingdom_10012015-3 MagicKingdom_10012015-4 MagicKingdom_10012015-7MagicKingdom_10012015-1

Check out how well the control booth, turret, and castle blend, thematically.


Here’s a look at the left ramp.


And the right ramp.

MagicKingdom_10012015-16Full size:

Work also continues in the northwest side of the hub. Looks like this could be completed and opened shortly.

MagicKingdom_10012015-8 MagicKingdom_10012015-12Full size:

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the work currently being done. There has been no official end date announced.




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