Baymax is back to meet with guests!


You can now find him in¬†Innoventions West (on your way to Soarin’) across the breezeway from the Mickey and friends Character Spot. Unlike the old meet and greet in Hollywood Studio, Hiro isn’t part of the Baymax meet and greet.

BaymaxMnG_01092016-15 BaymaxMnG_01092016-1 BaymaxMnG_01092016-2

The area is small, but detailed with some San Fransokyo touches.

BaymaxMnG_01092016-6 BaymaxMnG_01092016-3 BaymaxMnG_01092016-4 BaymaxMnG_01092016-2-2 BaymaxMnG_01092016-7 BaymaxMnG_01092016-9 BaymaxMnG_01092016-1-2

The actual meet and greet area is themed to resemble Hiro’s garage.

BaymaxMnG_01092016-14 BaymaxMnG_01092016-11 BaymaxMnG_01092016-10 BaymaxMnG_01092016-13

Baymax even blinks!


Baymax was previously located in the old Magic Disney of Animation building at Hollywood Studios, but was moved to make space for the new Star Wars Launch Bay.


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