Photos: Latest look at Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land demolition at Hollywood Studios (8/18/16)

    These pictures were originally tweeted by @MickeyXtreme. All we did was brighten them up a bit for easier viewing, all watermarks were left intact.

    This first photo gives us an overview of the whole area. The bottom of the photo represents an area of trees that was cleared out. As a matter of fact, the domed, elongated tent on the bottom of the photo is the old fireworks prep tent. The middle of the photo shows the old Lights, Motors, Action! grandstands. To the left of that, in the cleared area where there are concrete cylinders, was the old Catastrophe Canyon site. Past the canal and building on the left of the image, we can see another cleared area, more on that in a bit.


    The top half of this next photo takes a look at the plot of land that is widely believed to be the home of Toy Story Land. On the right side of the image we can see the old Pearl Harbor scene from the Backlot Tour. The building behind that backdrop is the show building for Toy Story Midway Mania.


    The third image addresses the old Lights, Motors, Action! set where the car chase scenes took place. We’ve known for a while that these sets were some of the first to go, behind the San Francisco facade and Premier Theater. In addition to the LMA facade, we can see that the old AFI Showcase/Backlot Tour unload/Watto’s Grotto/Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post building is now gone too. From this angle, it looks like Streets of America is largely untouched. My theory is that they want to keep as many “perimeter” buildings standing as long as possible to prevent views of the area, but who really knows.


    This slightly wider shot shows the area that Star Wars Land is widely thought to be placed.


    As stated above, all photo credit goes to @MickeyXtreme. Thanks for sharing!

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