Where will Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land go in Hollywood Studios?

    We got some brand new concept art from the #AwakenSummer “media” event and it all but confirms our earlier speculation as to where both Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land will go. First, let’s dissect the new concept art via @ScottGustin.


    As someone who took high-res panoramas of the concept art on the walls, a particular section of this new concept art stood out to me.


    This section, the far right of the Star Wars Land concept, is the same as the far left of this Toy Story Land concept.





    That means that the two lands will be connected via this tunnel. If Toy Story Land ends up being behind the current Toy Story Midway Mania building (as is also all but confirmed due to the presence of the current show building in the concept art), that puts the new layout of the two lands something like the photoshopped image from jhendrix below.


    Keep in mind that the current entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania would probably become a backstage area due to the entrance moving to to opposite side of the building near the red-roofed building.

    UPDATE: Here’s a great drawing from Martin Smith, who is somewhat of an insider. He also has an EXCELLENT YouTube channel devoted to all things Disney.


    The above image is a reverse view of the Photoshop image in our original post. It shows Toy Story Land on the left, a large berm in the middle, and Star Wars Land on the right. You can also see parts of Streets of America and the MuppetVision 3D show building at the top of the image. The Chinese Theater is visible in the top left side of the image. This is, of course, an unofficial sketch, but it seems to confirm our initial thoughts on the layout.

    Again, this is still awaiting confirmation from Disney, but it seems to work to us. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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    1. I still think everyone is wrong on this. I think the entrance to toy story seen in the original concept tart matches the roofline of the building behind the old water tank at backstage tour. This would put toystory land where backstage tour and LMA was and star wars land over near Star Tours.

    2. Looks reasonable. I still think Toy Story Land looks incredibly cheap and lame, especially when you compare it to the stuff Asia is getting in their parks. I guess Americans will settle for less, as usual.

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