It seems like the flood gates have opened with regards to the Streets of America demolition. Closed on April 3rd, the Streets of America remained largely untouched for over 4 months until Disney recently leveled a section nearest to the Muppets Coutryard area. They have now completely demolished the entire southeastern section of the Streets. This area contained the entire San Francisco street and the southernmost section of New York street.


StreetsOfAmerica-08252016-4 StreetsOfAmerica-08252016-5

A closer look shows that they’ve also started work on the opposite side of the Streets as well. The area covered in red is what has been demolished so far.


This section of Hollywood Studios is largely thought to be the future plot for Star Wars Land. With 1/3rd of the park behind construction walls, Disney is looking to open both Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land as soon as possible. Rumors suggest a mid-to-late 2018 opening for Toy Story Land and a mid-to-late 2019 opening for Star Wars Land. At the moment it seems like Hollywood Studios is roughly 6 months behind Disneyland in their work on Star Wars Land, and could end up opening a full year behind by the time it’s all said and done.


Star Wars Land will contain two attractions. The first is a piloting experience where you get to fly the Millennium Falcon.

Guests will be able to step aboard The Millennium Falcon and actually pilot the fastest ship in the galaxy, steering the vessel through space, firing the laser cannons, in complete control of the experience.

The second attraction will put you in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

And with the arrival of the First Order to the planet, visitors will find themselves in the middle of a tense battle between stormtroopers and Resistance fighters.


It’s exciting to see Star Wars Land come to the parks in a real way, but it’s been bittersweet watching the demolition of Streets of America. While it’s true that it was a largely vacant space most of the year, the loss of the Osborne Lights will be felt this Christmas season.



  1. “The area covered in red is what has been demolished so far.”
    Two points: 1) You missed Premier Theater. It should also be in red. 2) I’m wagering the remaining sections will never be demolished, as they shield “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” which I’ve heard will remain.


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