PHOTOS, REVIEW: Fried Twinkies and Three Types of Loaded Tots Debut at Friar’s Nook

Friar’s Nook has some new offerings today! New to the menu are Fried Twinkies and three different Loaded Tots. After hearing about the Fried Twinkie months ago, we had to give that and all of the new items a try. Here’s what we thought.

Fried Twinkie – $4.99

Available with a choice of vanilla, strawberry, caramel, or chocolate sauce, the fried twinkie is a really good treat. The crunchy exterior gives way to a soft, classic twinkie inside. We enjoyed the vanilla, but thought that the caramel drizzle was best. It’s worth noting that only the exterior sauce is flavored, every twinkie is stuffed with the standard custard.

Loaded Fiesta Tots – $9.49

The theme of all of these tots is surprisingly good flavor and a great portion. The Fiesta Tots have classic taco toppings. You’ll find warm, fresh ground beef, Pico de Gallo, and a queso on top. These were my second favorite of the trio.

Loaded Greek Tots – $8.49

Another good portion, this time with feta, tzatziki sauce, banana peppers, and kalamata olives. Flavors from the feta and tzatziki sauce were present, but this was the most subtle of the three in flavors. A good dish if you like Greek!

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots – $9.49

These were the winner for us. Perfectly cooked chicken was paired with a kick of spice from the buffalo sauce. You’ll also find blue cheese and celery. I’d definitely recommend this if you like a bit of kick and consider it to be the best of the three offered.

Overall, these are excellent options. All of the ingredients were fresh and they were loaded with flavor. Combine that with a portion that will more than fill you up, and you’ve got an excellent addition to Magic Kingdom.

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