We made it out to Hollywood Studios recently and on our drive into the park we noticed that the large projection cones that will be used to simulate flying the Millennium Falcon were installed. The cones will act as a screen for projection technology to be applied to when you’re piloting the Millennium Falcon.

First, let’s take a look at how the ride system will work. There will be a series of projection cones that rotate on a circular table. Here’s a look at the circular shape of the tables, as seen from one of our aerial flyovers of the land.

Here’s a great diagram from the Orange County Register, depicting the ride system. In the diagram, we can see seven Millennium Falcon cockpits organized in a circular layout exactly like the aerial photo above.

Thanks to leaked footage of a pre-alpha test of the Millennium Falcon ride, we know that the effect of flying the Falcon will be accomplished by projecting the fly-through world onto a dome on the outside of the physical Millennium Falcon cockpit. During the leaked footage, the presenter provided a wide view that showed how the video would be projected onto the convex dome.

With a bit more knowledge on what we’re looking for, we can clearly see a projection cone installed through an open bay door.

To provide a bit more spatial awareness, we’ve highlighted the projection cone opening in blue and the interior surface that the video will be projected onto in green.

Finally, here’s an image of how the Millennium Falcon cockpit will fit into the projection cone thanks to a 3D render from Joshua.

Here’s a look at the concept art released by Disney, showing guests in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Photo: Disney

As always, keep checking back with us as we continue to provide updates on the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge project and much more from around Walt Disney World Resort!



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