The new exit has debuted at Space Mountain after months of work and a backstage exit was implemented. The moving walkway that carried guests back to Tomorrowland has been removed.

With the removal of the interactive games in favor of the Play Disney Parks app, there were dark screens lining the queue. Disney has decided to add some video graphics back in to select screens. The videos have locations of various star clusters and galaxies.

Here’s a look at the new Space Mountain exit with the moving walkway removed.

Besides the moving walkway, the largest change was the removal of the section of queue that use to use a live video to place you in different environments. This cavernous room replaces it and a section of the old video arcade. Switchback ramps are needed to overcome the change in height from the underground walkway to the gift shop. With a moving walkway, the ramp angle could be much steeper than it can be now.

The new exit dumps guests into the middle of the Space Mountain gift shop now instead of the previous doors closest to the gift shop exit.



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