REVIEW: Cinderella Castle Cupcake Debuts at Main Street Bakery

A brand new cupcake arrived today at the Main Street Bakery and we simply had to have it!

Castle Cupcake – $5.99

The Castle Cupcake is orange-scented and topped with a Champagne buttercream. Of course, the real reason you’d buy the cupcake is for the white chocolate Cinderella Castle decoration sitting on top of the Champagne buttercream.

As far as taste is concerned, there are hints of orange coming through in the cupcake itself. It’s actually quite tasty and something different and welcomed compared to a standard vanilla based cupcake! The buttercream tasted “standard” to us and the “champagne” label applies more to the colors than the taste.

The cupcake also comes filled with a few gold and silver crispy pearls on the top and inside. They add a nice crunchy texture to the cupcake.

Because of how hard and unforgiving the wrapper is (think thick construction paper), we recommend eating it with a fork. It’s definitely made to be scooped out of the wrapper rather than peeling the wrapper off.

Overall, we’re really pleased with the orange flavoring in the cake and it’s that flavoring that sets this cupcake above the rest that we’ve tried recently. Not only does it take a good photo, but the flavors were smartly thought through, which leads us to definitely recommend the Cinderella Castle Cupcake at Magic Kingdom!

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