REVIEW, PHOTOS: Frog Prince Whoopie Pie Hops Into Liberty Square Market at Magic Kingdom

We continue our new snacks tour around Magic Kingdom with the Frog Prince Whoopie Pie at Liberty Square Market in Magic Kingdom.

Frog Prince Whoopie Pie – $4.99

cinnamon whoopie pie, graham cracker icing, sprinkles, and a chocolate frog

Not an ice cream cone, but another delicious treat worth trying nonetheless. The cinnamon whoopie pie was soft and a subtle taste of cinnamon came through. The winner was the graham cracker icing! Again, it’s subtle, but the taste hits the mark. Sprinkles add some color to the treat and it’s finished with a pure chocolate frog topper. Magic Kingdom is four for four with treats this morning and we can recommend this for your next visit!

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