Disneyland Will Implement a Virtual Queue for Guests Looking to Visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge After June 23rd

As more information becomes available about operational plans for the highly anticipated opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, we have a better idea now of how guest flow will work once the reservation period is over.

Beginning June 24th, guests who wish to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland will use a virtual queuing system. Once they have scanned their park ticket to enter Disneyland, guests will be able to reserve their spot in a virtual queue and given a time to return to the land. According to Disneyland officials, this will allow guests to enjoy the rest of the park without the need to wait for hours on end just to enter the land, where they will likely be met with more hours-long waits for the attractions and experiences.

When it is time for a guest to enter the land, they will be able to return to the entrance where they might have to wait in a short line to enter with other guests from their time window.

As a reminder, guests will need to have a reservation before they arrive to Disneyland from May 31 – June 23.

Walt Disney World Resort has not made any operational announcements at this time, but we will continue to keep you updated with the latest information when they do.

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