As we continue our look at Epcot construction projects like the International Gateway expansion and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, it’s hard to miss the construction site that World Showcase Lagoon has turned into.

In some of our previous updates, we’ve seen pilings being driven into the lagoon, but as you’ll see below, a concrete pour and more has taken place.

Here’s a much closer look at one of the areas of interest that appears to be further along than the others. There are four of these new construction areas in total.

If we had to guess, these are likely to support some of the projection elements that will be seen in the new show. Projection water screens can be seen in the concept art below.

Another new structure arrived recently and it sits in the middle of the other four areas of interest.

A nearby island houses a newly constructed electrical substation. We saw the work outlined in July of last year as part of a $1.8 million upgrade to the lagoon.

As always, stick with as we continue to monitor this project and many more from around Walt Disney World property!


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