We made it out to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort recently and found that the Disney Skyliner gondola system was testing over hourglass lake that day. While we’ve extensively covered testing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this was our first time watching the gondola cabins hover over the lake.

First, we’ll take a look at the station, where the finishing details are being applied. Here’s a look at it from across the water. The station is connected to the Generation Gap bridge that connects Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Pop Century. That will allow guests from both resorts to access the Disney Skyliner gondola system towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios and on to Epcot.

Looking at the gondolas, we can see that they will be traveling low across the water, but certainly high enough to not have to worry about the water element. It should be a serene trip across the lake before eventually climbing higher to pass over a parking lot and on to the Caribbean Beach station.

For more on the Disney Skyliner system, check out our post from Disney’s Hollywood Studios where Disney is working to prepare the ground under the Disney Skyliner gondola system for evacuations.


    • Disney hasn’t made any announcements about that, but requiring a park ticket is highly unlikely. The Disney Skyliner gondola system will be very much like current bus transportation, simply moving guests from the resorts to outside of the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot

  1. I love all of your photos BlogMickey Mike. Do you have any photos of the Skyliner Gondola Stations with a second row that may be used to allow wheelchairs to enter and exit at a slower pace than the regular line that is seen? I haven’t seen any photos head on until I saw your photo above. All of the side photos show the white walls blocking the view. It is hard to tell from your photo. But your head-on photo is the first one that has ever seen by Google search.

  2. Does anyone know if once you get on the gondola do you go to epcot and Hollywood studios or are there two separate lines for each park? Could be a long ride if not.


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