A new job posting on the Disney Auditions website has given us brand new details about a previously unknown group of people within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge known as “Gatherers”. The audition listed is for a position within Savi’s Workshop, which will be the lightsaber building experience.

Here’s the description:

Within the Black Spire Outpost – a thriving destination for those who would prefer to go about their business unnoticed – a group known as the “Gatherers” operate within a covert workshop. Packed with ancient relics and whimsical pieces collected from the far reaches of the galaxy, the Gatherers are experts in the art of designing and building the lightsaber.

As part of the audition, there is a script for the Gatherers position:

Welcome! My name is Kembe and I’m part of small group known as, the Gatherers. It is our purpose to search the galaxy for ancient relics… and what we find, we bring here to our workshop. What you see here may look like old junk… but let me assure you… some of it is new junk. We do this to hide our findings… So where those who would do us harm see only worthless clutter—those who know, see priceless history. And in these troubled times, preserving our past may ensure our future. And that is why you are here. To build a lightsaber. The lightsaber has been wielded by some of our greatest heroes, and darkest enemies. It is elegant, and enigmatic. The saber is a reflection of its builder, with the Force flowing between them. Today, you will feel that connection. But enough of me talking. Let us begin.

Gatherers Character Traits: Warm and inviting; capable of leading a structured interactive experience. Gatherers have dedicated their lives to restoring balance in the galaxy. Adept at engaging authentically with visitors. Though slightly quirky and mysterious, the Gatherer is always personable and humorous. Good comedic and improvisational instincts.

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