PHOTOS: Latest Progress on New Hollywood Studios Parking Lot Tram Area

Work continues on the new parking lot tram load and unload area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We made it out to the park this morning to find that landscaping has been installed and concrete is being poured.

We’ll start at the end that still needs the most work. While the landscaping is installed here, the concrete pour is ongoing.

On the opposite side of the tram lane, we can see the lane dividers installed.

A look at the end of the turn shows that the final concrete has been poured at the turn and rebar has been laid for the next concrete pour.

Here’s a look at the same area from the air earlier this month.

Elsewhere, more landscaping has been installed in the space between the tram drop off area and the new bag check structure.

Here’s a look at the courtyard from the air earlier this month.

While Disney hasn’t given a timeline for the new tram and bag check to open, it appears we’re looking at weeks now, not months.

While Disney’s Hollywood Studios was the first park to operate with a modified tram lane, both Magic Kingdom and Epcot have arrival experience construction underway now.

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