We made it out to Blizzard Beach today to enjoy some of the 90° weather we’ve been having and found a new dessert item at the Warming Hut. Located just steps away from the Melt-Away Bay wave pool, warming hut offers some sandwiches, burgers, and even a BBQ Turkey Leg Crunch!

Today, we’re only focused on one thing though, the recently added Edible Cookie Dough. The official online menu has the cookie dough listed as an item at Lottawatta Lodge, but that will likely be corrected in the coming days…hopefully. It’s definitely served at Warming Hut though, so pack up your towels and sunscreen and let’s head out to Blizzard Beach!

Edible Cookie Dough – $5.49

The edible cookie dough comes in three different flavors: sugar, s’mores, and hot cocoa. Of course, we couldn’t decide, so we got one of each! Here’s what we thought.

First off, it’s worth noting that they’re all stored in a refrigerator and served cold. Not rock hard, but cold enough to make this a smart move in a waterpark and region that’s constantly hot. Of course, it’ll soften as you eat.

Sugar – This was the flavor closest to traditional cookie dough. It didn’t really stand out as being amazing, and the flavor was “as expected”.

S’mores – We really enjoyed the S’mores. It has generous amount of chocolate chips in it that add to both the texture and pair nicely with the cookie dough flavor. Along with the Chocolate chips, bits of melted marshmallows and some graham cracker dustings were mixed in as well. All those ingredients made more a much sweeter bite than the sugar cookie dough, go figure. If we were going to return, it would be for this one!

Hot Cocoa – Finally, we arrive at the Hot Cocoa Edible Cookie Dough. The flavor here was certainly a chocolate overload. From a dark chocolate flavoring that had hints of traditional hot chocolate flavoring to marshmallows, this was perhaps closer to a brownie batter than anything else. It was definitely rich and offered something more than just the plain sugar. We’d rank this second out of the three with the S’mores taking the top spot.

Overall, while we enjoyed the flavors, we found these to be overpriced. At $5.49 for what amounts to only a few bites, it would be a much easier buy at a $3.99 price point. For a better idea of the size, here’s the edible cookie dough next to a small “free water”-sized cup and a standard spoon.


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