Blueprints for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Reportedly Leak Online

    It’s been quite the couple of days for blueprint leaks from Disney. Yesterday, we saw the plans leak for the new Spider-Man attraction coming to Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. Now, it appears that the blueprints for another upcoming Disney attraction have leaked online.

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, will be the first-ever ride through attraction to feature Mickey Mouse.

    Here’s a rundown of what was just leaked.

    In the blueprints, you can also see a description of the scenes. Here’s the order:

    • Scene 3 – Vehicle Load
    • Scene 4 – Park
    • Scene 5a – Trouble in the Tunnel
    • Scene 5b – Stampede
    • Scene 6a – Carnival Chaos
    • Scene 6b – Twister
    • Scene 7a/c – Tropical Torrent
    • Scene 7b – Hover the Falls
    • Scene 8a – Culvert
    • Scene 8b – Big City Snarl
    • Scene 8c – Dance Studio Detour
    • Scene 9a – Turnback Alley
    • Scene 9b – Factory Frenzy
    • Scene 10 – Picnic in the Park
    • Scene 11 – Unload
    • Scene 12 – Exit in the Theater
    • Scene 13 – Unload Barn (ADA)

    Here’s the description from Disney: “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature a new catchy theme song created especially for the attraction as well as a new experience that defies logic that we’re calling 2 ½-D. No glasses required.

    On the attraction, the fun begins when you see the premiere of a new cartoon short with Mickey and Minnie getting ready for a picnic. As they head out, they drive alongside a train and find out that the engineer is Goofy. Then, one magical moment lets you step into the movie and on Goofy’s train for a wacky, wild ride.

    Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will put you inside the wacky and unpredictable world of a Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short where you’re the star and anything can happen. And for the first time, we shared a preview of what the cars will look like when you board the attraction for a zany, out-of-control adventure filled with surprising twists and turns.”

    Although the attraction was originally slated for a Fall 2019 opening, Disney has pushed the opening to Spring 2020.

    Which scene sounds most exciting to you?

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