Progress is continuing at an impressive pace for the Tron roller coaster coming to Magic Kingdom in 2021. From the first piece of track to be installed, to an aerial look at the full layout, we’ve been covering the progress all the way back to the first tree clearing. This morning, we made our way to the top of The Contemporary to get an elevated look at the latest progress!

We’ll start with a look back at the site from our last visit to compare with the progress as of this morning.

Now, here’s a look at the construction site as the morning sunrise hit it today. As you can see, the track installation is moving along nicely! Crews start before 6am on the site and work until about 2 or 3pm every day, installing track pieces and the few remaining support columns needed in the main show building.

A wide show shows the Tron roller coaster track installation next to Space Mountain, sitting on a previously unused piece of land.

As we continue to zoom in on the site, we can see the twisting track pieces.

We’ll continue to zoom in for the best possible overview, we can spot work taking place on the left (west) side of the plot.

Crews were placing another track piece this morning as we watched from The Contemporary. It really is a symphony of moving parts, all overseen by the tower crane in the middle of the tangled forest of steel.

As we move right to left across the track layout, we see a twisting piece a few feet off of the ground and another piece higher in the air waiting to be connected.

On the far right side of the layout, we see a u-turn piece weaving through some of the taller support columns. While it certainly looks like just a forest of steel right now, there will be set pieces installed and more to ensure that you see as little of the surrounding track as possible.

It’s a bit tough to see from our vantage point, but we can also see the rebar in place for the split loading platform. Keep reading for a complete look at the track layout.

For a look at how this all comes together, check out the track layout drawing that we created below. Keep in mind that our vantage point from The Contemporary would be from the right. When we worked “left to right” in the photo update above, it was essentially moving “bottom to top” in the photo below. As you can see, there is still some track and concrete waiting to be poured. This would represent the launch and outdoor canopy for the attraction.

As always, keep checking back with for the best possible looks at the Tron roller coaster construction and much more from around the Disney Parks!


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