Raspberry Rum Lemonade and Kahlúa Ice Coffee Arrive at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot

Two new adult beverages are now available at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot! Sunshine Seasons is a quick service cafeteria located in The Land pavilion in Epcot. There are two new alcoholic offerings, and we made it out to Epcot today to give them a try! Note that while the online menu only lists them as “lunch and dinner” options, Cast Members we spoke with said they can make them with breakfast too.

Raspberry Rum Lemonade – $11.25

We’ll start with the better of the two offerings, the raspberry rum lemonade. Let’s start with the best news of the day, these are NOT premixed. As you can see above, Bacardi Raspberry light rum is used. The Cast Member adds a “looks good” amount to the bottom of the cup before filling it up the rest of the way with lemonade slush. It’s unbelievably good! You get the raspberry in every sip (through your paper straw), and it’s never overpowering. It’s a sweet drink that is far too easy to drink, making it an absolutely wonderful, refreshing summer drink at Epcot. My only complaint is that it’s “so far away” from everything else that you probably want to do at Epcot. Sunshine Seasons is likely out of the way, but the Raspberry Rum Lemonade makes the trip well worth it.

Kahlúa Ice Coffee – $10.25

Next up we have the Kahlúa Ice Coffee. Again, this is poured by hand, which is always pleasant. Upon ordering, you’re given the choice of a medium roast or a dark roast. We went with the medium roast and found the drink nicely balanced. The Kahlúa came through nicely and so did the iced coffee. Your mileage may vary should you choose the dark roast, but this is still a solid offering. Would I take the Raspberry Rum Lemonade over this, yes, but they’re two different types of drink for two different tastes. I still give this solid marks if you’re in the market for a spiked ice coffee.

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