REVIEW: Limited-Time Minnie’s Garden Party Dessert at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

There is a brand new dessert at the 2019 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival that celebrates a limited-time offering within The Odyssey. The Minnie’s Garden Party is underway through May 6th, so if you want this delicious dessert, you’re going to have to act fast. Let’s take a bite and see if Minnie knows how to throw a garden party.

Minnie’s Garden Party Dessert – $7.00

Within The Odyssey, named the Gardener’s Terrace during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, you’ll find Arbor. Arbor has their normal lineup of food offerings for the festival, but they also have this limited-time dessert to celebrate Minnie’s Garden Party.

The dessert is a cheesecake base with whipped cream hidden beneath the white chocolate ear hat. The ear hat itself is mostly white chocolate with sugar on the ears. The flowers found on the base are also made of sugar.

Of course, Epcot is in full bloom right now, so such a carefully prepared dessert gets to have a photoshoot before we dig in!

We also waited a couple of minutes to take a photo in front of the limited-time Disney PhotoPass backdrop.

Here’s a look at the dessert with the ear hat removed. Overall, we really enjoyed the dessert. The cheesecake flavoring was delicious and, as you can see, there was a generous portion of whipped cream. For $7, it was a really filling dessert and a wonderful choice by Minnie Mouse for her Garden Party!

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