Guests Now Able to Purchase Additional Lightsaber Parts at Savi’s Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    One of the interesting parts about Savi’s Workshop is all of the combinations you can create when making your own lightsaber. As part of the building process, you are presented with multiple options during each of the five steps of creating the lightsaber hilt. Any pieces that you don’t choose to use are then put back into the rotation of parts and used by the next group. While you probably will love the lightsaber you created, you might want to switch things up from time to time. That’s where a reportedly new purchase option comes into play.

    According to a post from a blogspot website called anakin and his angel, guests are able to purchase those extra pieces that they might want to take home to change the look of their lightsaber. Referred to as “scrap metal” by the Gatherers working Savi’s Workshop, you are able to purchase the extra parts you may need at a cost of $20 per set.

    The article goes on to say that while the Gatherers ringing you up might not have heard of this offer, a manager should be able to assist. Of course, this is likely only a limited time offer. With a significant number of highly sought after merchandise items selling out, there’s no telling how long you’ll be able to purchase this “scrap metal” for.

    In order to purchase the extra pieces, you should be able to either walk up to one of the two Gatherers ringing guests up at the entrance to Savi’s Workshop, or if you’re building a lightsaber and want to take the parts with you after you’re done, that can be arranged too. Disney hasn’t commented on the ability to purchase extra parts, and the official website still notes that parts that are not used during the building process will be collected by the Gatherers and returned to Savi’s inventory.

    As a reminder, reservations are required to be made in advance for the Savi’s Workshop Custom Built Lightsaber Experience. Here’s a video of the full experience from our visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge earlier this month.

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    1. […] Savi’s Workshop in Galalxy’s Edge is now selling parts to modify your lightsaber once you have created it. Previously only the parts that were used to build your saber were available, but now you can buy additional parts to make variations on your own. The parts are $20 per set and can be purchased from the Gatherer’s that are outside of Savi’s Workshop. –… […]

    2. I was at Galaxys Edge today 10/02/19 and I was told by the staff that they do not sell extra scrap parts and they never have at Walt Disney World. Wasted a 2.5 hour drive just for that purpose.

      • They don’t sell them at Walt Disney World, only Disneyland. The article was written when only the Disneyland version of the land was open and the receipt shown and article linked to is for Disneyland

    3. is there a way that I can buy a Savi’s workshop lightsaber online, we don’t have a Disneyland in Australia

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