Disney Modifies “Scrap Metal” Policy at Savi’s Workshop; Policy Extended to Droid Depot

    Disney has modified their policy on “scrap metal”, or extra pieces, from Savi’s Workshop within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

    As we had previously reported, Disney is allowing guests to purchase extra parts, or scrap metal, from Savi’s Workshop that they would discard during the lightsaber building process. A quick refresher, when guests build their lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, they make choices during the customization process that leads to discarded pieces. At the end of the experience, the Gatherers collect the discarded pieces to add back into their collection. The only way to obtain those discarded pieces was to go through the entire $200 experience again, this time making different choices and obtaining the pieces you discarded the last time. Of course, that can get cost prohibitive very, very quickly, but guests were still asking if they could buy extra parts. That demand lead to Disney offering scrap metal purchases in late June to anyone who would like to buy the extra pieces.

    It now appears that scrap metal has either been more popular than Disney had anticipated, or that new shipments aren’t coming fast enough. This has lead to Disney modifying their offer once again. Here are the new restrictions:

    1. You are limited to two extra pieces. There was previously no limit.
    2. You are requested to buy only from the hilt theme that you originally chose as other themes might not fit.
    3. The ability to buy scrap metal is only valid within 48 hours of your original lightsaber purchase

    In addition to the changes at Savi’s Workshop, guests are now able to buy some scrap metal at the Droid Depot. Just like when building a lightsaber, building a droid leads to choices and discarded pieces. Just like the lightsaber scrap metal, you can only buy two pieces of scrap metal, you are limited to the pieces off of the same droid belt, and scrap metal purchases are only available within 48 hours of your original purchase.

    It should be noted that Disney’s policy on scrap metal seems to be quite fluid as they find the right balance of supply vs demand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. If the policy changes

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