New Disney Character Wraps Coming to Walt Disney World Buses; New Buses Incoming?

    Disney has begun to apply some new character wraps to some of their buses. While the buses aren’t in rotation just yet, they should be soon. We have two photos to share tonight of the new look coming to select buses in the fleet. The first photo comes to us via MickeyViews.

    Another photo was sent in to us showing off the Pluto wrap. So far, we’ve heard of Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto wraps, but it’s possible that we’ll see the entire Fab 5 or more by the time these buses are ready to hit the streets!

    According to MickeyViews on Twitter, it’s not just a new wrap on the buses that makes this newsworthy, but that the buses themselves are also new. While we haven’t been able to independently verify this claim, it could line up with the rumor that would bring Wi-Fi to the buses, perhaps implementing it on new buses first and then retrofitting older buses as needed.

    We’ll continue to keep an eye on the roads around Walt Disney World and bring you the latest on the new character wraps and rumored Wi-Fi upgrades!

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