Major Changes Made to Alcoholic Blue Milk and Alcoholic Green Milk at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

When we first wrote about Blue and Green Milk from our visit to Disneyland (aka, Batuu west), we were taken aback by just how divisive the drinks really are. Just about everyone that we talked to had a different opinion of the drinks, probably not a good thing for what was surely positioned as a Butterbeer competitor. We came out with a negative review of both flavors, concluding that yes, you’ll probably buy one or both when you make your first trip out to Batuu, but that they weren’t the types of concoctions that you’d dream about getting on subsequent visits.

Fast forward to early July, when we exclusively reported that Disney would be bringing an alcoholic version of the coconut milk drink to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Later in the month, Disney would post the menus online, confirming our story. Not only were there boozy versions of Blue and Green Milk, but the Hollywood Studios version of Batuu would actually see more alcohol options at all of the dining locations within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We jump ahead again in the timeline to the Annual Passholder previews of the land, and our first encounter with alcoholic Blue Milk and alcoholic Green Milk. Here’s our review!

Milk Stand

Alcoholic Blue Milk Cooler – $14.00

Plant-based Dairy blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with alluring fruity characteristics featuring Bacardi Rum

We’ll start the review with the biggest change between when we first tried alcoholic Blue Milk during the Annual Passholder previews and on opening day. During the previews, the alcoholic Blue Milk and Green Milk were both premixed and loaded into the dispensing bays to simply be poured and served.

Milk Stand dispensing bay

Fast forward to opening day, and the procedure for serving you your alcoholic milk has changed completely – and so has the texture and taste. Due to operational challenges of keeping up with the demand of non-alcoholic Blue Milk and Green Milk, Batuuans now pour the alcohol of choice into the cup first, and dispense the slushy-like milk on top of it. Batuuans were finding that by dedicating two of their six dispensing bays to alcoholic milk, that they would have 33% less throughput for their non-alcoholic versions. They were unable to refill the dispensing bays quickly enough, and actually ran out of non-alcoholic milk during the Annual Passholder preview that we attended. By pouring the alcohol instead of pre-mixing it, all 6 bays are now non-alcoholic, with the Batuuan simply adding the 1.25oz of liquor at the point of sale.

This actually changes the flavor and texture of the drink completely. We found that while the pre-mixed version offered during the Annual Passholder preview was able to keep the same consistency as the non-alcoholic version, this hand-poured version was considerably more runny and oily compared to the normally slushy-like texture. It’s probably more consistent with what we all expected a product labeled as “milk” to be before the land opened. Here’s a comparison of the alcoholic Blue Milk on the left and the non-alcoholic Blue Milk on the right. Note that your alcoholic version is also served with a stirrer now so you can try and mix the liquor in as you progress through the drink. Overall, the alcoholic version is now more runny and slick compared to the almost chunky version that was offered during the previews.

This change in serving technique not only changed the texture, but it also changed the flavor. We found that the drink was considerably stronger than the pre-mixed version, which is probably a good thing given how benign the pre-mixed version was. The fruity flavors of the regular blue milk poured on top of the Bacardi Rum were subtle, but welcomed. If you’re looking for something a bit stronger on your visit to Batuu, check out the Alcoholic Blue Milk Cooler over the Alcoholic Green Milk Cooler, which we review next.

Alcoholic Green Milk Cooler – $14.00

Plant-based Dairy blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with zippy Citrus and tropical characteristics featuring Corazon Blanco Tequila

For the alcoholic Green Milk, we find a more “subtle” Corazon Blanco Tequila. We say “subtle” because, again, the new pour procedure makes this a much stronger version than the pre-mixed we tried before. Some of the tropical flavors of this version aren’t as drowned out by the alcohol, which makes this more tolerable if you’re still trying to get a high score on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Overall, the alcoholic Blue Milk and alcoholic Green Milk are probably better versions than the non-alcoholic alternatives. The familiarity of a rum or tequila pairs nicely with the exotic flavoring of the coconut and rice milk blend.

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