Milk Stand Review – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    We made it out to Batuu this weekend and as part of our visit we absolutely had to try the Blue and Green milk for our Milk Stand review! Ever since we first saw Luke Skywalker take a sip of Blue Milk on Tatooine, we’ve been intrigued by the drink. Star Wars is made up of such fantastical elements from planets to aliens to the language, that Blue Milk seemed like such a natural fit. Of course, Disney couldn’t just add some blue coloring to regular milk and expect it to be anywhere near refreshing. As a matter of fact, when asked about the Blue Milk that he drank on the set of Star Wars: A New Hope, actor Mark Hamill described the drink as “oily and sweet…really ghastly”.

    Disney, presumably, didn’t want to serve anything that could even possibly receive that kind of review in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but they may have created something too true to the source material to be enjoyable. Disney didn’t go with a dairy drink here, instead opting for a plant-based drink. What Disney and Lucasfilm Story Group members created were two frozen, plant-based beverages that worked off of a base of coconut and rice milks. Disney was looking to appeal to a wide range of guests by going for a vegan drink, and that should be applauded if they can get the execution right. We’ll explore the flavors more in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at the theming of the Milk Stand.

    Milk Stand concept art

    Location and Theming

    The Milk Stand is located in the southeast section of Black Spire Outpost, nearest the Fantasyland entrance in Disneyland. The small stand only serves Blue Milk and Green Milk to visitors of Batuu, no food or other beverages. The stand has no seating and was one of the lowest waits in the land, with only a handful of guests interested at a time when we passed by.

    Milk Stand location on Disneyland online map

    From the moment that you pass by, soft gurgling sounds can be heard coming from the giant vat of milk on the left side of the stand. It can be off-putting at times, but it definitely grabs your attention and adds to the authenticity of the location. The vat is full of milk. As we’ll see in a few parts of the land, Disney wasn’t afraid to add real liquid into various effects and themed devices to make the story being told as believable as possible. They succeeded here.

    As far as crowds and guest flow, we noticed that the line would only extend out of the small switchback queue at the beginning of each reservation period wave. Guests likely had to try the Blue Milk once they entered the land and the line would quickly die down after the initial rush. Of course, the lack of promised Blue Milk themed sippers likely added to a lack of lasting interest. It’s possible that once the shipment of sippers arrives, we’ll see a more sustained line as guests secure their Bantha-logoed souvenir.

    Serving bays sit behind the cash register and automatically open when a resident of Batuu approaches it. There are three dispensers with Blue Milk on the left, and Green Milk on the right. The milks are poured from typical slushy machines, but hiding them behind an automatic door keeps the whole experience on theme and allows you to suspend your disbelief. The doors slide up quick to reveal the spout and then quickly close to keep the illusion going. It’s quick and convincing, very well done. It’s a small detail, but necessary in a land as highly themed as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

    Here’s a quick look around the Milk Stand and a Batuuan pouring some Blue Milk.

    The Milk Stand is located in what will likely be referred to as the First Order section of Black Spire Outpost. This is where Kylo Ren has landed and the First Order Cargo can be found. Of course, the First Order didn’t always have a presence on Batuu. They only recently arrived in search for Rey and some of the other Resistance fighters. Of all the vendors in Batuu, the Milk Stand was impacted the most by the First Order’s choice in location, but it does allow for some nice photo ops with your Blue or Green Milk.

    The theming of the stand mainly consists of circular glass containers of Blue and Green Milk. It’s actually quite interesting how unappetizing the milk products look in these highly themed containers, yet we’re expected to still want to purchase them. This isn’t really a knock on the execution of the theming, but actually high praise. Imagineering did a wonderful job of theming the circular containers throughout over your head to look like they’ve been storing Blue Milk long before your arrival on Batuu. Now let’s check out the drinks for our Milk Stand review.

    Blue Milk – $7.99

    Coconut and Rice Milks with flavors of Dragon Fruit, Pineapple, Lime, and Watermelon

    Of the two drinks, the blue milk was probably less exotic. Somewhere between a Gatorade and Skittles on taste, it’s an interesting flavor that doesn’t necessarily fall into the refreshing category. There’s no denying that these are extremely sweet drinks, and probably not what you’d expect when thinking of “milk”. Not only is the flavor unexpected, but so is the texture. We found the consistency to be lacking the creaminess that we might have expected, aligning closer in texture to a slushy-type drink.

    Often times compared to Butterbeer at Universal, blue milk falls woefully short of the enjoyable flavors of Butterbeer. The overwhelming sweetness and confusing consistency make the repeatability of this drink low. If this was meant to compete with Butterbeer as a must-get drink, Disney completely missed the mark. We wouldn’t be surprised to see either an additional dairy-based drink added to the lineup, or a reworking of what is currently offered.

    Green Milk – $7.99

    Coconut and Rice Milks with flavors of Mandarin Orange, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, and Orange Blossom

    The Green Milk is an exotic blend of orange, passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange blossom. This drink is much more tart than the Blue Milk and ends up being a much fruitier drink as well. Just because it’s fruiter doesn’t necessarily make it better, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, the drink pushed into some flavors and aftertastes that were more earthy than fruity. We even picked up hints of flavoring that would be described as almost grassy. It was not great. It’s an odd drink and likely the most divisive offering within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

    Overall, Disney has missed the mark with these two offerings. The taste is off, the consistency is off putting, and there is too much sugar. This is so far removed from what was presented in the movies, that it’s hard to imagine the food and beverage teams aren’t playing around with some new ideas based on opening weekend reviews alone.

    Should you get Blue or Green Milk? No. Will you get it just to try what Blue Milk tastes like? Probably. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    Thank you for reading our Milk Stand review from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! If you enjoyed the content, please share our post with your friends and bookmark it for your future Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge planning. If there is anything that we missed or any questions you may have about the Milk Stand, please let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.

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