Latest Look at Magic Kingdom Entrance Overhaul Project (New Construction, Demolished Boat Dock Structure, and More)

We made it out to Magic Kingdom recently to check in on the work being done around the entrance to the park. In case you missed it, the “arrival experience” is being revamped at the entrance to the park to allow for better guest flow and even some expanded green spaces. For a detailed look at all of the changes coming to the Magic Kingdom entrance, including before and after comparisons, check out our post where we cover the permit in depth. For a more cursory glance, here’s a look at the changes on the horizon.

Back to our recent visit to Magic Kingdom, here’s a look at the construction site. We can see that work has shifted from purely demolition of the Walk Around the World bricks to actual construction of utilities. Here’s an overview of the project as seen from the monorail. As you can see, the construction sites are split into the east and west sides, with the resort boat dock walkway splitting the two.

We’ll start with the east side of the project, the side that’s closest to guest relations. Here’s a look at how close the walls encroach on the tappoints.

A look from the ground followed up by a look from the monorail.

Now to the west side, which is closest to the monorail station and a now demolished boat dock structure.

Here’s a closer look at the demolished boat launch structure.

Finally, here’s a look at the old bag check area and the temporary tent that has been set up during the construction. When completed, the area will be home to an expanded, permanent bag check structure for all guests arriving via bus.

As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to cover the work taking place at Magic Kingdom and much more from around the Disney Parks!

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  1. Was there any updates on the construction at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Because I saw a photo of construction of a new shade structure that would unveil a new security bag check area and a new undercover load and unload area for the parking lot trams. Could be rerouting the Magic Kingdom parking trams when inside the Transportation and Ticket center which means two new u-turn areas will be added as well.


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