Promotional Signage Pops Up at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

As we get closer to the official launch of the Disney Skyliner gondola system on September 29th, guests will get a rare view of a Disney construction site. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is scheduled to open in Summer 2020, but the Disney Skyliner will open in less than a week and soar right over the construction site. While we still have to Wait and See™ what the views will actually be like, we’ve likely never had the kind of access to a construction site like what we’ll have thanks to the Disney Skyliner gondola system. As a result, Disney likely finds themselves in the position of needing to explain to guests what they’re looking at, and the number one choice is a promotional sign or two to entice guests to come back when the project is completed.

We’ve seen this before with just about every project that Disney has undertaken in the past, but the most recent might be the Tron Lightcycle Run over at Magic Kingdom. The “Now Programming” sign was installed before guests were able to see any of the work going on, but has since served as a wonderful promotional sign for the work as well as informing guests of what the construction is even for.

Tron Lightcycle Run “Now Programming” sign during early construction

Back to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, there are two signs installed that promote the attraction’s opening date of Summer 2020. The first sign is seen along the banks of the Friendship canal that is right next to the France Pavilion.

The second sign will only be able to be seen from the Disney Skyliner gondola system and friend of the site @bioreconstruct recently captured a photo of the banner hanging from the attraction show building.

Here’s another wonderful photo from @bioreconstruct that shows the route of the Disney Skyliner gondola system right over the France pavilion expansion project.

As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to cover the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure project and much more from around the Disney Parks.

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