Coco in the Mexico Pavilion, Journey into Imagination Overhaul, and More; ‘The Epcot Experience’ Exhibit Will Change Over Time With New Announcements

The Epcot Experience debuted yesterday with the 37th anniversary of the park. With changes on the horizon than ever before in the park’s history, Walt Disney Imagineering debuted a 12-minute projection mapped show that highlights the future of the park. To see the full 12-minute projection mapping show, check out our video of the debut showing to park guests below.

As you might notice, there are sections of the park on the model that aren’t represented in the film. Notable exceptions include the Mexico Pavilion and the Imagination Pavilion. There have been nearly constant rumors about the retheming of the Gran Fiesta Tour to a Coco-themed attraction. Even more persistent rumors have said that the Imagination Pavilion is either due for a retheme or a refresh.

When speaking with executives on opening day, they told us that The Epcot Experience will continue to evolve as more changes are announced by Disney. If that pans out to be true, we could see more announcements about pavilions and attractions on the model that are currently overlooked.

The placement of a guitar and maracas, while on their own may not mean much, carry a bit more weight when combined with a Coco poster for the pavilion.

That said, it’s worth noting that there is a Gran Fiesta Tour attraction poster as well.

Also included in the model is the Imagination Pavilion. While not explicitly called out in the video or any announcements up until this point. It’s likely that Disney will target the pavilion at some point during the multi-year overhaul as Figment continues to be a growing Intellectual Property for Epcot festivals.

So what do you think? Will we hear more about an Imagination Pavilion overhaul and/or a Coco-themed attraction at the Mexico Pavilion? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to cover the Epcot overhaul project and much more from around the Disney Parks.

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  1. Our family will be crushed if they get rid of the Theee Cabelleros. It’s literally one of our top must-dos because of the history behind it of Walt’s South American trip. It was the first dark ride our toddler wasn’t afraid on. We love Coco, but not at the expense of Grand Fiesta!

    • Not all of them. Innoventions, El Rio Del Tiempo, Food Rocks and Circle of Life don’t have posters, for example.

      The posters of “dead” attractions are only of ones that opened in the 80s and 2000s. And I take the inclusion of posters of those attractions as hints that they might be coming back at some point in the near future.

  2. Interesting that they are showing the Dreamfinder in the Imagination poster. I hope it’s a hint at things to come and not simply nostalgia.

    • I agree. I think the inclusion of posters promoting past attractions are hints that they may be coming back in the near future.

  3. If they were to add Coco to Mexico, I think it’s much more likely that it will be added as a new seperate attraction built from scratch as part of an expansion to that pavilion without replacing any existing offerings or features, just like how they’re expanding France to add Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure without replacing Impressions de France or anything else or how they’re going to add Mary Poppins to the United Kingdom without replacing any existing offerings.

    The fact that, in addition to making a Mexico poster featuring Miguel, they made a Gran Fiesta Tour poster is, to me, another indication that Gran Fiesta Tour will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.


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