The Disney Skyliner gondola system did not open this morning at Walt Disney World after guests were stranded for more than three hours last night. We visited the Disney Skyliner gondola system station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, and Disney’s Riviera Resort to find that the entire system is down today as Disney investigates what it is referring to as “unexpected downtime”. There is no estimated reopening time or date, according to Cast Members.

A Disney spokesperson revised a statement from saying that there was “no accident”, to one that acknowledged the accident late Saturday evening. Eventually, the official statement became that an “empty car was delayed, a second empty car bumped it. No Guests were involved”.

Another statement addressed the ongoing downtime as a result of the investigation. Disney said that “one of the three Disney Skyliner routes experienced an unexpected downtime Saturday evening. As a result, the Skyliner will be closed while we look into the details surrounding this downtime. We apologize for this situation, and we are working with each guest individually regarding impacts to their visit with us”.

As of publish time, the Disney Skyliner is not operational, and safety measures have been put in place to ensure nobody enters the gondola cabins during the investigation.

Thanks to some photos from @bioreconstruct, we can see the Riviera Resort Disney Skyliner station from the air this afternoon. You can just make out the blue Disney Skyliner gondola cabin that had a broken window as seen in our latest update. Disney Cast Members can be seen staged at the end of the pathway that leads to the station and the gates to the station are closed as the investigation continues.

Doppelmayr, the company who built the Disney Skyliner gondola system, was on site last night to assist.

Those looking for coffee this morning might be happy to hear that the Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk at the Caribbean Beach Resort Disney Skyliner station is open, but the station is closed.

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  1. FWIW a,ll those crushed gondolas had folks in them, there’s a few first hand accounts of it on places like dis boards. Disney may want to correct themselves there. Everyone was able to get off safely, though.

    • We’ve seen the same reports and reached out to Disney to see if they want to provide an updated statement. We’ll update this post with that information as it becomes available

  2. Have to wonder why they couldn’t get the problem gondolas out of the way and keep the line moving, at least sooner than 3 hours. I read a comment that a drive belt broke. No idea if that is true or made up.

    • ERIC, problem with just moving it out of the way and starting again would be if they didnt know the problem, they could of just sent more crashing into each other, safest thing to do is what they did.


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