More Details on Avengers E-Ticket Attraction Coming to Avengers Campus Marvel Lands

As part of the New York Comic Con (NYCC), Disney Imagineers took to the stage to talk about the upcoming Marvel Land called Avengers Campus and the attractions and experiences coming to it. As you might remember, Avengers Campus will open at two Disney theme parks worldwide – Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Avengers Campus will tie together an overall story concept called WEB, or the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. The Avengers are setting up new Headquarters and training facilities around the globe to inspire all potential recruits willing to step up and become something more. As part of this global initiative, Tony Stark has founded the Worldwide Engineering Brigade — or WEB for short— to develop advancements in super-powered technology, including new enhancements to Spider-Man’s suit as their debut project. By bringing together the world’s brightest young inventors, the WEB is creating new interfaces that will empower all of us to join the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest.

While we’ve heard quite a bit about the Spider-Man attraction that will be opening with the land, details are still scarce about the Avengers E-Ticket announced at the 2019 D23 Expo that will open as a phase two of the land. Scot Drake, Portfolio Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, talked a bit about the upcoming E-Ticket attraction and walked guests through the experience in a bit more detail than what was shared at the D23 Expo.

Guests will enter the Avengers headquarters seen above and be sent out on a mission with The Avengers. Guests will board the land-exclusive Quinjet seen above and take off with all the “protection and technology” offered by The Avengers. Drake went on to say that all of the tech and security of a mission with The Avengers “gets ripped away” and your experience is transformed from a group experience in the Quinjet to an “individual flight” that will serve as the basis of your origin story as a superhero. In the concept art below, we can see the group experience described by Drake and the ride vehicle seats that each guest will sit in within the Quinjet.

After your “individual flight”, you’ll then rejoin the action on Wakanda where a battle on an epic scale will take place. As seen in the concept art, guests will actually move around in the attraction in their own individual seats as part of the aforementioned “individual flight” aspect of the attraction.

When asked to describe the ride system for the attraction, a question came from the audience attempting to link the Avengers E-Ticket to an existing Disney Parks experience like Flight of Passage or Soarin’. Drake answered that the ride system will be “completely unique” and “something that we’ve never seen before” due to the unique demands of telling a story with The Avengers on such a scale. By not linking the ride system specifically to an existing attraction as asked by a member of the audience, Drake confirmed that the ride system will be unique to the Disney Parks.

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  1. […] At New York Comic Con this weekend, Scot Drake, the Portfolio Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering talked a little bit more about the Avenger’s E-Ticket attraction coming to Avengers Campus in Phase 2. The attraction will lead guests into the headquarters and show off protection and technology that is offered by the Avengers. Guests then load into a Quinjet that will start the attraction. Something happens and the seats that the guests are in take them on an individual flight to create their origin story. Guests will then go to Wakanda where the individual seats holding the guests will join in on the epic battle taking place. When asked, this ride system was described as something “completely unique” that nobody has seen before. –… […]


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