VIP Tours Will Not Have Access to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance When It Opens to the Public


According to Disney VIP Tours, guests who book the tour will not be able to walk on to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance when it opens later this week. The Cast Members that we spoke with said that guests will be able to enter the standby line like anyone else, but that the expedited access and minimal waits that guests who book a VIP tour can expect at every other attraction on property will not apply to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

As a reminder, Disney has made some operational modifications such as removing Rise of the Resistance from the Extra Magic Hours benefit offered to Disney Resort guests, and both Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions don’t currently offer FastPass+ despite FastPass queues being built for the rides. It’s interesting to watch Disney do a complete 180 on how they are handling the Rise of the Resistance opening from how they handled the Millennium Falcon opening and the greater Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land. With the land and Falcon opening, Disney greatly extended park hours, creating an Extra, Extra Magic Hour perk where hotel guests received access to the Smugglers Run attraction three full hours before regular park guests.

As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to provide you with up-to-date coverage of the Rise of the Resistance opening and much more from around the Disney Parks. For more on Rise of the Resistance, keep reading!

Set shortly after the Battle of Crait from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rise of the Resistance starts in the cave systems of Batuu, where Resistance fighters have set up a base of operations to combat the First Order troops that have recently arrived at Black Spire Outpost. The attraction begins in the Resistance forest, with guests entering the queue under a canon and into an outdoor queue that winds between trees, rockwork, and past a waterfall before entering a cave system.

Guests will be going through tunnels created by an ancient civilization with old carvings. In the caves, guests will also pass munition supplies before entering a pre-show that has BB-8 and a hologram of Rey. It’s in this pre-show that guests will be briefed on their mission for the Resistance before proceeding into a courtyard with Poe Dameron’s X-Wing and BB-8 again.

In the photos below, we can see BB-8 perched above guests as he whistles and rolls around for the mission briefing. It looks like BB-8 will use the same technology and special effects as the Rocket Racoon figure in Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT at Disney California Adventure to create realistic movement above the eyeline of the guest. To the left of BB-8 in the image below, we believe a hologram of Rey will show up to assist with the mission briefing. After exiting this “ready room”, guests will go outside and board a transport ship.

In the courtyard, guests can see the Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship, or I-TS, that they will board for their mission. You can see the transport ship mockup in the photo below.

The transport ship will be piloted by an audio-animatronic Nien Nunb that will be seated in the cockpit. The ship is then cleared for take-off as the transport doors close. While carrying out the mission for the Resistance, the ship and all of the guests on board will be captured by a Star Destroyer. In the photo below, we can see the back of Nien Nunb’s head, behind Liutenant Bek, a Mon Calamari communications officer seen in the foreground. Both are expected to be audio-animatronics.

We can see outside of the ship during our mission, first leaving the cave systems that we boarded the ship on Batuu, and then arriving in the Star Destroyer hangar once we’ve been captured.

A quick bit of footage shows guests on the transportation ship as they travel through space. Guests will be standing the entire flight.

Poe will leave to get backup, but while he does, you’re taken hostage by the First Order. A massive hanger with a 100-foot wide screen of outer space will immerse you in a very familiar Star Wars scene.

Guests will be ushered out of the transport ship by a First Order Cast Member and out into the hanger. Reportedly, guests will be asked to move along quickly, perhaps not even getting to stop in the hanger scene for very long.

You’ll ultimately find yourself in a holding cell, formulating a plan to escape. In this holding cell, guests will be able to see Kylo Ren on a platform above you. Somehow, you’ll break out of the holding cell and onto a trackless ride vehicle that the Resistance has obtained for your escape.

The trackless ride vehicle will serve as your main form of transportation throughout the attraction. You can see the ride vehicle as displayed at Star Wars Celebration below. The First Order Fleet Transport trackless ride vehicle will wind through a variety of scenes as you try to make it back onto a friendly ship that can help you return safely to Batuu.

As you make your way through the Star Destroyer in an attempt to find an escape pod, you’ll encounter full-size AT-AT’s, Kylo Ren and General Hux, and even a drop elevator as you move through two levels of the Star Destroyer. In the massive AT-AT room, guests will be fired upon by screen-based Stromtroopers.

Guests will then be taken on an elevator to another level of the attraction. It’s here that guests will reportedly visit the gun room, with massive laser blasters shooting out into space.

Guests will come face-to-face with the head of an AT-AT as well as video screen Stormtroopers inside of it.

Guests will encounter droids and even Kylo Ren as they continue to try and escape from the Star Destroyer.

Poe will arrive just in time with other Resistance fighters to help you escape and make it back to Black Spire Outpost on an escape pod.

The whole experience is going to culminate in one of the most ambitious and immersive attractions ever built by Imagineering.

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