Guests With Cancelled Free Dining Plan Offered 35% Savings on Room Cost

    As we close out a news-heavy week as a result of massive, across-the-board cancellations, we have confirmation that guests who have a cancelled free dining plan will be offered some sort of recovery.

    As a reminder, Disney initially offered a free Disney Dining Plan to all guests affected by the COVID-19 pandemic closures. In early May, Disney stopped offering the free Dining Plan, but it remained valid for guests who were able to take advantage of the plan earlier in the offering period.

    With the news that all Disney Dining Plans were cancelled (as well as FastPass+ and other experience reservations), guests were left wondering if there would be other forms of recovery or compensation for the cancellation of the free Disney Dining Plan that was already offered as a means of recovery.

    In a recent email to guests, Disney has extended a 35% off room offer as a means of guest recovery to guests who lost their free Disney Dining Plan. Here is the relevant part of the email, emphasis added by

    We will be modifying your package to remove the dining plan. As an accommodation, the price of the package will be adjusted to reflect a 35% savings on the room portion.  This modified package and price will be provided in a new confirmation. You will receive a refund of the difference in the package price if you have already paid in full or a reduction in amount due if you have not yet made final payment.

    There’s nothing you need to do at this time. We will be contacting you shortly with more details about the process to secure new reservations, including our new dining and experience reservation window which will accommodate selections up to 60 days prior to arrival to allow for planning closer to your visit.

    At this time, while systems update, we are temporarily suspending all modifications.  However, you have the option of canceling your entire reservation at any time.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at for the latest Disney Parks news and photos. We’ll continue to bring you news and photos, where possible, through the Disney Parks closure due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will resume our normal coverage once the parks reopen to guests on July 11th!

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    1. Mike,
      I’m hearing that the 35% off is not being given anymore is this true? I have reservations on July 7 with free dining plan offered in January. Obviously my reservations will be cancelled but will I still be eligible for this offer? I have not received an email. I think it is unfair the people who had it for later dates are getting the discount but for people who are being cancelled all together are not.

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