Disney World Claims Disney Park Pass System Didn’t Have Glitches, Blames User Error

    According to a report by CBS MoneyWatch, a Disney spokesperson blamed user error when it came to reported “glitches” in the Disney Park Pass system. Of course, we’ve reported about widespread glitches, even offering workarounds that our readers have reported success with.

    We found out that a longstanding error that incorrectly prioritized certain ticket types over other ticket types led to the glitches, and that once users took the steps we outlined in our workaround, the system worked as Disney probably intended it to function from the start. Of course, the system not working as expected and certain ticket types, like the cancelled Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party ticket, blocking users from successfully utilizing the system could be called a glitch. Here is what CBS is reporting:

    A Disney spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch the reservation system had no such glitch. Disney had made the system available Monday first for people with a previous Disney World resort reservation, the spokesperson said. The system will be available for annual pass holders this Friday and for the general public on Sunday. 

    People who couldn’t reserve Monday probably thought it was a glitch, but in reality, they were likely trying to book before it was their turn, the spokesperson said. 

    We want to hear from you! Do you think that the Disney Park Pass theme park reservation system worked as Disney intended, or were there glitches? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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    1. There were ABSOLUTELY glitches. I wouldn’t have been able to reserve if it weren’t for your MNSSHP fix. I’m very disappointed at Disney not reporting glitches.

    2. First they are wrong. It was not available for people who previously had stays booked. You had to have a current stay booked. Second, I have a total of 30 nights booked in a Disney resort. I have an annual pass valid for all those nights. I am only able to book 16 nights. No user error

    3. They clearly had both capacity problems and inconsistency errors. A quick examination of any of the popular Disney forums will show the incredibly high number of comments and problems people were experiencing as the event took place. The biggest problem was how many people had wildly different results in terms of the number of days they could book with resort stays. My daughter-in-law could only get 2 days, with annual passes and an 8-day stay. I was able to get 18 days booked and then was locked out. The next morning both of us were able to get all our days for all our planned visits — But we didn’t change our method. It’s obvious Disney fixed problems on the back-end.

    4. What a load of ****.
      I have 2 (DVC) stays on the books, September and December.
      My AP expires in August, I already had my renewal purchased.
      I was able to get on Monday morning and make my park reservations for my September trip. When I went to do December it was telling me I had reached my max and was not allowed any more – but I had a stay booked.
      Went back a few times monday, same result.
      Tuesday, able to book December via the same method, so obviously something changed.

      If thousands of users are making the same “user error” maybe there is some poor design somewhere?

      I had no MNSSHP tickets, only my AP and is renewal

    5. Does Disney not believe that their entire network system is insufficient to support any sort of load? Any launch day, FastPass+, shopDisney release day, etc., their system buckled under the increase in traffic. Disney just does not understand/is unwilling to admit that they do not have the infrastructure to support the demand.

      Although, to Angi, they explicitly stated that AP holders with reservations would only be able to book up to 14 days.

    6. Ridiculous! I had the simplest, most straightforward package- resort and tickets purchased directly from Disney. Took 48+ hours for me to Get reservations for all 3 of my ticket days!!

    7. Wow. That’s a straight up LIE from a Disney representative. Something we might expect of other groups these days, but not Disney.

      Many users saw error after error even reaching out to other more knowledgeable guests online to help them get around the issues, while Disney representatives had no idea how to address the issues.

    8. What a shock! A major company blaming it’s guests/customers for the problem and NOT their own outsourced computer system?

    9. So is Disney admitting user error by their employees? Their online help could not fix my problem, confirmed that I had reservations and annual passes and was in my window to book.

      Man up Disney, your IT Dept is incompetent.

    10. I cannot believe that Disney called it a “user error”!! What is wrong with them?!? I woke up at 4:25am Mountain time to be ready and didn’t get our park reservations until 8am. I had 4 different browsers open until one finally worked then left a 2nd one open just in case.

      Disney needs to check themselves. To open up the floodgates from now until eternity and not process the park reservations like they would for dining or fastpasses, is pure ridiculousness.

    11. I have a hotel reservation for November.
      My pass expires in October.
      I am unable to reserve my days until they add the pass extensions.

      You would have thought they’d anticipate this.

    12. LOL-no glitches! Existing reservation for September, Annual Passholder, and took 7 hours of looking at the pink castle trying to get to login screen! Once there it didn’t recognize my username and password that worked the day before. Then it told me to use my Disney + username and password and I DON’T have a Disney + account. That was my clue – requested to change my password THREE times, each time keeping it exactly what it has always been, and finally backdoored my way into the park reservation screen thru the change password screen. Nah-no glitches there-haha!

    13. Are they kidding. I have 3 FT Wilderness reservations, 14 days this October, 7 days at Christmas time and 14 days in peril 2021. We have annual passes plus multiple other tickets in each of our accounts because transfer them to our children that will come on the trip since they don’t make all come each time. October’s Trip is just my husband & I. In addition to our annual passes we each have several 5 day tickets. We absolutely were untitled to make our reservation on Monday & they even sent us an email on it. After nonstop hours of trying to get onto reservation page I was thrilled once I finally started Tom make park reservations until it stopped at 5 days Andy wouldn’t allow me to go any further. Calling them & even live chat could not get anyone. Literally 14.5 hrs trying I did another live chat message explaining everything & explained I needed them to put my annual pass as first use as it always had been which should solve issue. I am sure when they updated annual passes with new expiration dates due to closure is when this became a problem. It really should have just gone to next available ticket but Disney had REAL glitches, not user errors. Next morning I was thrilled when I tried again everything worked perfectly. I credit the live chat person that must have seen my messages during the middle of the night. I don’t know for sure but someone did some magic sprinkling overnight. Sad Disney won’t acknowledge they had glitches.

    14. We’ve had a package deal reserved and had no issues reserving our days after a 5 minute wait trying to get in for all our days. It also allowed me to go back and change days.

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