Rise of the Resistance Safety Measures and Social Distancing

    With Disney’s Hollywood Studios now open, we wanted to take a closer look at the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance safety measures and social distancing that has been implemented. This post is part of a series of posts that will hopefully help you determine if a Walt Disney World visit is right for you and your family during unprecedented times.

    Virtual Queue

    Rise of the Resistance continues to be the only attraction at Walt Disney World that is currently implementing a virtual queue. For more on the virtual queue, check out our coverage of how to make a reservation and our experiences with the virtual queue system:

    In short, the new system is meant to manage demand and you must have a Rise of the Resistance virtual queue boarding group to enter the attraction.

    Queue Modifications

    Within the Rise of the Resistance queue, social distancing markers and plexiglass barriers are in place. The social distancing markers start outside of the queue, as the line to return when your boarding group is called can get long at times. You often have at least an hour to return to the queue when your boarding group is called, so if the line to return gets a little long, we recommend waiting until social distancing becomes easier to maintain.

    Here’s a walk through the queue, up until the first pre-show.

    Social distancing markers and plexiglass line the queue up until the grouping room ahead of the first of two preshow rooms. As you can see, there are numbered markers on the ground that your group will be placed on. Remember this number because you’ll use it three more times before you board the attraction.

    Experience Modifications

    We’ll start our discussions on modifications to the experience by starting with the first preshow. We’re happy to report that both preshows are being utilized, complete with social distancing procedures. We told you to remember the number you were standing on in the grouping room, and you’ll see why in the photos below.

    Unlike Flight of Passage, we get the full preshow experience for Rise of the Resistance. Groups are socially distanced thanks to the markers on the ground.

    From here, Resistance Cast Members usher you out of the room, although it’s not as orderly of a procedure as the next two parts of the experience.

    Again, you’re asked to find your group number and stand on it until the doors of the I-TS open. At this point, you’re asked to load by number and by Cast Member direction.

    The I-TS is the last time you have to find your number, but the entire number system works wonderfully in our experience.

    After the I-TS, First Order officers board the ship and once again usher groups out in an orderly, safe manner.

    The next scene in the experience is the Star Destroyer hangar. During the previews, we had a bad experience in the hangar that has since been remedied with better timing of the preshow elements to ensure the hangar isn’t too busy. Here’s a look back at the preview, which can be compared with more recent photos below.

    As a matter of fact, we’ve found it to be quite empty when compared to normal operations earlier this year before the park closures. There are social distancing markers in the hangar available should they be needed.

    More plexiglass separates two queues that ultimately lead to the same place. Social distancing wouldn’t be possible on this straightaway without the plexiglass.

    Guests are then asked to stay socially distanced as First Order Cast Members move them towards the interrogation rooms. Hand sanitizer can be found outside of every interrogation room. Only two groups will enter the interrogation room at a time. Cast ask that the groups maintain physical distancing during the preshow.

    Ride Modifications

    Cast Members are only allowing one group per ride vehicle. This is allowing for quite a wonderful experience, but is definitely hurting the operational throughput of the attraction.

    Other than that, there have been no modifications to the ride vehicle or to the ride itself. If you haven’t experienced Rise of the Resistance, we have a full video of the preshows and ride below!

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