Two Guns Found in Diaper Bag at EPCOT

According to arrest records, a 27 year old woman was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis after security found two guns in a diaper bag at the EPCOT bag check (via Orlando Sentinel).

The incident occurred on July 18th, and Orange County deputies were called over after Disney security saw one weapon “in plain sight” and located a second gun after further searching of a diaper bag.

According to the complaint, the incident took place at the “back entrance of EPCOT”. International Gateway has the new Artificial Intelligence scanners in place that first debuted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as seen below. The complaint doesn’t specifically mention how the weapons were discovered.

Weapons of any kind, including guns, are not allowed in the Walt Disney World theme parks or resorts.

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  1. The AI scanner not only scans temp but can scan all items on a person…that’s how they found the guns

  2. Oh my god! How stupid are these family trying to hide guns in a baby bag or carriages. Disney does a thorough search on everything. They deserve to get arrested for doing stupidness! Good work to the hero’s in blue!

  3. Disney takes guest security seriously. My mother had issues with her fingerprint (40+years as a nurse-fingerprints are tough) and the pass scanners pulled us to the side, scanned her bracelet and informed us disney has us on facial recognition. Every guest is scanned upon entry into the park. This is especially helpful for lost children, etc. I appreciate and applaud the deputies for discovering these weapons. Hope the family is banned for life from the parks. Plus-what kind of mother packs 2 guns & weed in a diaper bag. Let’s call CPS too while we’re at it. Seriously people. Wow.

  4. In this day I would have bought my gun to Disney Land but I don’t mess with drugs …people are going crazy and what better way to kill in masses than at a place where defenseless people who are not permitted to have guns on the property or I just won’t go there that’s the simple solution if you must have a weapon on you because you feel you can become a victim I don’t blame the lady but she is stupid for having weed on her isn’t Disney supposed to be the happiest place on earth with drugs????lol

  5. Disney is very inefficient, you can go in with your pockets loaded with stuff and they won’t check but if you have a tank top and little shorts and a tiny crossbody they will stop you

  6. I understand that during a pandemic you would want to keep your family protected, but seriously it’s Disney, they have extensive security both in plain sight and hidden to keep guests safe. One would think they have a different motive for bringing weapons into the park.

  7. No one I know wants any weapons at Disney.
    I seen lots of stupid mouseketeers though…
    God forbid she’d weed up and fiddle with two firearms…..

  8. Well I don’t condemn the marijuana but as a mom who legally carries, I have done this at an amusement park and thank God I had an understanding security guard who let me run it back to the car. It happens when your busy trying to get the kids gathered and off to the park and just forget to take it out of the purse or diaper bag. I know people will have something to say about this and it’s fine. I’m willing to have an adult conversation with you but don’t be nasty.

  9. Must not have had a concealed carry permit or she wouldn’t have gotten arrested…if she didn’t have a worthless amount of weed on her too.

  10. How do we not know that this supposed mom was not taking the guns in for someone else. This could have been disastrous. Thank God they she was caught.

  11. @Janette
    I know nothing of your situation, but the main thing I would say is not to make a habit of carrying in the diaper bag. I know that when I had two young kids, we’d often ask the older one to get a diaper or wipes or whatever from the bag for mommy or daddy. The idea of a gun being in there scares me.

  12. The fact that she was coming in the International Gateway entrance makes it hard for me to give any benefit of the doubt. Either she’s staying at one of the Boardwalk area resorts, and thus intentionally packed that stuff when she left her room; or she parked at one of the resorts to use that entrance for some reason, which would make me think she knows enough about the resort and theme park layouts that she should also know not to bring weapons or drugs.

  13. I agree with Chris’s assessment of Rich’s assessment of Dawn’s assessment.. but now I forgot what Dawn said 🤔

  14. When the supervisors first heard “We have a loaded diaper over here” I’m sure they were expecting something else.

  15. I mean, guns are one thing… but MARIJUANA??? God FORBID that someone sneaks a PLANT that eases pain and can have mild psychoactive effects into “The Happiest Place on Earth”… #OhGawd

  16. I agree with Karmen’s assessment about Chris’s assessment when it comes to Rich’s assessment of Dawn’s comment… wait, who are Rich and Dawn??? I’m so confused…

  17. Very scary indeed. More scary than the fact Disney will not administer corona virus tests to cast members. The union is demanding Covid tests be administered as a precaution to its staff and guests. Disney is planning, instead, to revamp live performances to cut jobs,of cast members. Nice to know that socially conscious Disney is more interested in a buck than in protecting people during a pandemic or saving the jobs of people during a depression!

  18. To the people reading this headline and panicking: When you see gun, think nail polish. A bit of a nonsequitor, yes, but try and stay with me. Non-‘gun people’ tend to have reactions to firearms similar to that of seeing a lit fuse on a bundle of TNT. ‘Gun people’ react like they are seeing a hammer, or a car… meh. It’s not a dangerous scary thing, it’s a tool that you often have with you, like a cell phone, keys, or a pocket knife.

    Couple guns in a bag… people in a rush… stress of vacation… it happens… people do it every day at airports- including the sheriff of Tampa. If you pretend there is a ban on bringing in glass, and then you pretend this was someone caught with a bottle of nail polish rolling around in their purse… This suddenly becomes super boring. Just an oops. These people didn’t storm the gates demanding some political goal, they walked through a metal detector holding 5 lbs of steel and 4 lbs of lead…

  19. Even with being allowed to carry in the state, most states don’t allow people with drugs to carry, even if it was legal marijuana. The two don’t mix and that is why. So saying it was an honest mistake doesn’t fly. I agree to the right to carry, to protect your family or self, but you better know gun safety first and foremost, as well as the law. Can’t fix stupid.

  20. David….we have open carry laws in Nevada and I have my CCW….there wouldn’t be anyway in hell I would have forgotten to remove my weapon off my side knowing in advance the venue I was attending doesn’t allow any weapons what so ever!
    A stupid move by the individual and yes they should have been arrested!

  21. A gun in a diaper bag is not an honest mistake, for whatever reason she was trying to bring a gun into Disney with drugs that affect your ability to think and reason

  22. John, unlike like Nevada in some areas, Florida is not an open carry state. You know that you are carrying because you can feel it and see it on your side. Many cwp females often carry in a bag or purse and the situation could happen. Sometimes people don’t know that areas don’t know how concealed carry.
    This isn’t a legal issue (the Cannabis may be), it’s Disney’s policy. It’s also Disney’s policy that adults can’t dress up like Disney characters, but most people not aware of that.

  23. “A honest mistake” doesn’t fly with me. As a responsible gun owner, you should always be aware of where it is and where you can or can’t take it. Especially with children. If you find yourself forgetting where you put your gun…maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

  24. Right. People who choose to legally carry should be prohibited from using “drugs”. The should stick to vodka.

  25. Why have guns? And 2 guns at that along with cannibus?.. at Disney! You have small children packing guns. I know it is legal to carry guns with a permit but where it’s allowed. Disney is not the place for either. What were you expecting? A shoot out. .protecting your children from what? If you have that much fear going to Disney stay home.

  26. Even with a CCP because it was Disney she can still be arrested and banned. I carry and have had to backtrack to the vehicle to lick it up. It happens…but not with 2.

  27. Not to mention the fact you have to answer the question about marijuana when you purchase a firearm. Form 4473.

  28. I see why some people would be upset and scared about this. I mean, people are crazy in this day and time. But like someone else on here said, us gun owners are able to see another side also. I have a gun and I take it with me whenever I go on vacation. I’m a single mother and I feel safer having a way to protect my child and my self if I need it. I have been to Disney World quiet a few times and my gun was with me. Now I did not take it or try to take it into a park. But I did have it in the room with me at night. And for everyone slamming this Mom for keeping it in the diaper bag, that’s just silly. Last time I checked a diaper bag held things for the kid’s and adults were the ones carrying the diaper bag. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have her baby stuck in there. If she is like most Mom’s we stop dragging around a purse and just toss everything into these giant diaper bags. Then all of us responsible gun owners don’t forget where we store our guns. So we aren’t going to send little Johnny to get something out of the diaper bag. Also, since my child was old enough to understand directions like, can you go get Mommy some tissue or whatever, I taught him guns are not toys. He has known from a very young age not to touch a gun. So while I don’t know this woman’s intentions and I agree the weed was a stupid move. I think I would have to know more about this situation before I could label her as an awful mother and ban her from Disney World.

  29. Darwin would be rolling over in his grave to see evolution go backwards that some people r just stupid

  30. I carry every day EVEN when i go to disney but i know how rules work and i leave it in my car every time 😊

  31. Why was she only charged with a misdemeanor? She should have been charged with a felony if you know Florida laws.

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