Tony Baxter Wants to Redo Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Would Come Out of Retirement to Help

    One of the agenda items on many EPCOT fan’s wish list over the years has been a redo of the Journey Into Imagination With Figment attraction in Future World. When Disney announced their ambitious plans for an EPCOT overhaul, some of which has been scaled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they left out Journey Into Imagination With Figment from the discussion.

    Many fans were holding out hope that a refresh of the ride might come in a later phase of the EPCOT reimagining, but with Disney tightening the purse strings in the coming years as the travel industry rebounds from a global pandemic, any “phase two” or “phase three” EPCOT plans could be years, if not a decade or more into the future. That said, former Imagineer Tony Baxter recently brought up the idea of a Journey Into Imagination With Figment redo.

    Speaking at a TEA@USC event last night (YouTube video since deleted), Baxter broached the subject of a Journey Into Imagination With Figment refresh saying, “I just wish we would do the ride over. I would come back out of retirement to do that ride over”.

    Of course, Disney fans would actually know that Tony Baxter recently came out of retirement (to an extent) to work on another project – the reimagining of Splash Mountain into a Princess and the Frog-themed attraction. Baxter will be a creative advisor on the retheming after working on the original Splash Mountain. His work on Splash Mountain to completely remove an Intellectual Property would presumably be different than work he would like to do on Journey Into Imagination With Figment which would likely stay true to the source material.

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    1. Oh, please let this be true. I so miss the idea of the original ride and the original spirit of Figment. He could bring the heart of it back.

    2. Dream comes True for the Redo of the Imagination ride. It’s awesome that Tony Baxter wants to redo the Imagination ride for all Disney fans who love this ride with Dream Finder and Figment. I wanted to be the same fan who love this ride! Because I love this ride!

    3. Only the original version of the attraction matters. Without Figment and Dreamfinder, there is no Journey into Imagination. I’ve been sure to raise my daughter with the hopes that someday the Dreamfinder would return. This is why Figment and Dreamfinder are forever inked on my heart (literally)

    4. If they simply would have integrated Nigel and his ‘experiments’ into the original attraction and refreshed the experiences on the 2nd floor (and damned the sponsor wanting corporate space) they would have saved a ton of money, kept the iconic attraction, and kept the fans happy.

    5. I agree. The reimagined ride is an embarrassment and is insulting to the public, it has very little to do with imagination.
      Allow Tony Baxter to come back and work his magic, make Journey Into Imagination reflect imagination again.

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