“Yehaa” Bob Jackson Fired from Disney World

Bob Jackson, more well known by his stage name of Yehaa Bob, has announced that his act will not be returning to Disney World. Here’s Jackson’s social media post:

And that how it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. I’ve just learned my act will not be returning to Disney. I made so many friends over the last 23 years, it was a great time, we had a lot of laughs together. I’ll be continuing my Sunday shows for now. I’ll keep you posted, I’m still digesting all of this-
“Yehaa” Bob Jackson, Facebook

Yehaa Bob used to play at the River Roost Lounge at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. Jackson was likely one of the 28,000 Cast Members who are getting laid off at the Disney Parks. The “Sunday shows” that Jackson refers to in his social media post are shows he does on his Facebook page.

Jackson joins the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra as acts that have been recently fired from Walt Disney World.

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  1. There is a huge difference between being fired and being let go. The former indicates that the individual has done something wrong. This is a massive layoff.

    Time to start using the right term.

  2. Correct on the wording. “Fired” sound inflammatory. Say what you want about the Disney corporation but I think they’ve done one hell of a job trying to manage through this unprecedented crisis.

  3. I have been a huge huge huge fan of Disney all my life also having been a former cast member.. However the treatment of the staff for whatever reason they are losing their jobs is a totally disgusting and I won’t buy anything Disney from now on….Staff who have worked for them for many many years are being dumped like hot coals….Where is your heart Disney ….From now on I will look elsewhere for fun and entertainment..Shows a lot about a company in how they treat their staff , say no more .

  4. I agree with Kim. Riverside is not even open and I have not even heard whispers of an opening date. I can’t believe all these people have been held on for as long as they have. Disney has been quite generous, IMO.

  5. This is a great disappointment. The are getting rid of all the special, little shows that happen at the resorts. Sad, have gone to his show many times throughout the years.
    Good luck to Bob, thank you for entertaining my family in the past years.

  6. He was part of these people that were doing the magic for Disney.(Like the Grand Floridian Orchestra) Bob was great and added an extra “soul” to Disney, something special that was unique to this place – Too bad to see that the management is taking the situation as an opportunity to reduce cost long term, I will not renew my Platinum AP.

  7. Everyone is acting like Disney will never be bringing back this or similar acts when it is fiscally viable. What a lot of people are forgetting is that Disney is a business, and as such, they need to make money. As stated earlier, if the resort or venue that this specific individual is not operating at, why would a company hold on to the employee if they aren’t performing any work? I am quite sure that as more and more guests return to the parks and resorts, then they will be bringing more and more Cast Members back on and re-instituting these acts. Remember, Walt himself never wanted Disney to remain static, he wanted it to be constantly evolving and reinventing itself. This is just what is happening in this moment…

    • You are definitely correct. There was no financial reason to terminate an employee is is not currently working. This is just another show by Chapek to make himself look good to the stockholders.

  8. On vacation at Port Orlean 90’s ours family enjoyed his entertainment. He was one of the best at Disney and he will be missed.

  9. I’m not sure what some are expecting Disney to do in this situation. We, as a society, decided to shut down our economy in response to a virus. The consequences of this action lead to a monumental decline in business and leisure travel. If business and leisure guests cannot easily travel to and enjoy the parks, Disney Parks makes less money. Margins are tight and Disney is a publicly traded company. If you are heartbroken over these layoffs, let your elected officials know that you want the country reopened for business.

  10. @Kyle

    “We, as a society, decided to shut down our economy in response to a virus.”

    I don’t recall anybody having a say in the matter. In fact, it was sold as a short term lockdown to #FlattenTheCurve.

    God help us take back our liberty, and prevent this sort of abuse from happening ever again.

  11. We literally chose to stay at on grounds at Port Orleans Riverside each time we visited solely BECAUSE of Yehaa Bob Jackson. I don’t know that we’ll go back without him there. It would be too sad…. We dearly hope they’ll bring you back, Bob!

  12. I just got called back to work at Disney last week. In a big meeting this week it was brought up that Gov. DeSantis just approved business can return to work at 100% and would We (Disney) now be doing that. Leadership says Disney will not rush to open unless they can do so in a manner that ensure as much as possible the safety of not only its guests, but it’s staff as well. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something. I have friends that received the call today that their layoff is official. I am heart broken for them. However I am proud of the fact that Disney continued to pay us for over a month when they didn’t have to. they also continued our health insurance covering 100% of the cost. I am extreme proud of Disney and how the treat it’s cat members. There is only so much loss any company can sustain. Do not trash them for having to let people go today. I applaud them for trying to help so many for so long.

  13. We are at a point where places can be opened more. It’s nonsense to let him go so late in the game. He will indeed be missed. My family enjoyed him for the 23 yrs. he has been there. We would make a special trip to go there even if we were not staying at that resort. People love Disney so much. That these decisions won’t effect them.

  14. Disney stockholders must fire Cheapo Chapek before he destroys the profitability of this company. He has made cuts while expecting Disney customers to pay full price.

  15. Please stop saying he was fired. He was not. If he had a contract, Disney chose to end it due to financial woes. If he was a regular worker, he was laid off. Laid off does not necessarily mean he will ever be called back. FIRED…means Bob and the Band from GF and the 28,000 others messed up in a big way. I am going to miss those fun evenings listening to Bob. I am going to miss the whole ambiance the GFSO added to the Grand Floridian. This economy sucks.

  16. So many people are unfeeling in this situation. They act like Disney is trying to save money and short change employees that are being laid off. While it really does stink, I am sure this was the last thing Disney wanted to do. They know that it is the employees that play a major part in making the magic visitors see every visit. They have been hugely affected just like everyone else in this economy. The moment that things pick up again, and life gets back to normal, I am sure that people will be rehired, but what good does it do to have certain employees working in food and entertainment areas if there isn’t a customer base going through that area for the time being. And nobody can really say way things will be back to normal. If they keep these employees on, pretty soon they won’t have anything left to restore for their customers when things do get back to normal. I know my family is hoping that Disneyland once reopened can return back to normal like one day. They know the people want this, and I am sure they will do everything to restore it because it is their customers that bring in the big money.

  17. I feel terrible for this gentleman and for all of the others who were laid off. But what do you expect Disney to do? Keep paying all of these folks when the parks aren’t at full capacity and when tourists are coming in the same way. This is the reality of the world right now. Disney is not a family or a charity. it’s a business and these folks lost their jobs like so many millions of others.

  18. It is unbelievable that Disney cannot see the value of keeping Bob. He is the reason that many of us make the Port our home away from home. Our kids have grown up listening to his unique stylings for the last 20 years. His absence will create a void that cannot be filled. We hope that someone at Disney will find a way to bring him back when the Port reopens.

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