Gran Fiesta Update: Boat Jumping Barriers Installed, Donald Duck Still Missing

Good morning from EPCOT! Today, we decided to pop into the Mexico Pavilion for a long overdue (read: two days) Donald Duck animatronic update. While Donald Duck is still missing, we noticed some new “themed” boat jumping barriers installed at the unload portion of the attraction.

Cast Members we spoke with noted that even though Disney has had signs in place for quite some time instructing guests to stay seated in the boats as they pile up at unload, guests still get out of the boats before the proper unload area, which is a safety issue. Unfortunately, guests are either unwilling or unable to read the numerous instructions, and Disney has implemented a “themed” rope barrier to ensure guests stay in their boats.

Here’s a look at the (still) missing Donald Duck animatronic and the newly installed boat jumping barriers.

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